Netflix feature to improve the search of a movie in a group context according to everyone’s preferences.

InteractionDesign Feature courseProject Search GroupContext Netflix

Study that aims to assess whether emotions can be evaluated, expressed and interpretated nonverbally.

NonverbalCommunication HCI emotions shapes vibration SensualEvaluationInstrument

New way to explore the city that arises from the combination of mobility, connectivity, and content.

ConnectedCar SiliconValley2018 InteractiveContent Mobility Connectivity Content Mediapro

Playful Mathematical Learning in Mixed Reality using embodied interactions.

HumanComputerInteraction PlayfulLearning AugmentedReality MixedReality PhoneApp ARKit Hololens InteractiveLearning

Study and development of objects able to identify users from their interaction with the object.

InternetOfThings MachineLearning TouchInteraction HumanComputerInteraction UserIdentification

A browser extension for saving Instagram posts and display them geographically.

BrowserExtension InstagramAPI TravelExperience WebDevelopment GoogleMapsAPI WebApp

An interactive experience that lets you ponder the digital footprints to reflect how you’ve changed as a person.

HumanComputerInteraction WellBeing DigitalFootprints WebDevelopment CognitiveAugmentation

An animation station for children to collaboratively tell stories with tangible materials.

InteractiveLearning CollaborativeDesk HumanComputerInteraction TangibleUserInterface ComputerVision SoundProduction

Subtle emotional exchange and communication with kinetic sculptures.

HCI TangibleUserInterfaces KineticSculpture Sensors Prototyping EmotionalConnections

Web-app for engaging users to think positive by collecting happy thoughts.

HumanComputerInteraction WellBeing PositiveMind WebDevelopment WebApp

Android game for learning and practicing basic math operations in a playful environment.

InteractiveGame Android MathLearning PlayfulLearning Unity CSharp AppDevelopment

New system proposed for the management of access permissions to rooms using virtual keys.

InternetOfThings UserIdentification BluetoothConnection Arduino AndroidApp Prototyping

Kinect game that requires embodied interaction to win the game and overcome the different levels.

Kinect InteractiveGame EmbodiedInteractions Java Processing UserInteraction

Samsung TV application for displaying photography from Unsplash platform.

App SamsungTV TizenStudio Photography UserExperience SocialNetwork