Acceasy, created by Jaltech Co. team, is a project that proposes a new system for improving and facilitating the access permissions and control to rooms via an app. The product targets companies and enterprises which deal with different rooms’ access depending on the user’s profile. Acceasy consists of two parts:

  • App management: Acceasy’s app offers a better service to companies for assigning different room’s access permissions to their employees. Granting and removing permissions can be done through the app by the admin profile. Otherwise, only the rooms the employee has access will be shown. The company or enterprise can have more than one admin since they can manage different departments.
    The first wireframes can be found here. The following screenshots show the app for the admin profile.
  • Door’s hardware: Besides the control and management Acceasy proposes a new way of open doors: via Bluetooth. Instead of having cards or keys, Acceasy replaces those for virtual keys. You can access a room just by approaching the phone into the door lock and having the permission. We have designed a new door handler lock carefully for this new system.

Acceasy’s first prototype was developed on a small size door built with wood by the designer of the team. This system had two LEDs, red and green, that light depending if the user had access permission or not. Red, means denied. Green happens at the same time the door is opened. The hardware system was built with Arduino with a Bluetooth module. On the other hand, the first prototype of the app was designed and codified with Android.
My role in the team was the programmer so I had the responsibility of the app and the hardware programming.

InternetOfThings UserIdentification BluetoothConnection Arduino AndroidApp Prototyping

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