The Interactive Sensual Evaluation Instrument



When designing and evaluating for emotions, a common approach is to methodically map emotional states onto spectrums as quantitative data. However, recent research criticize these methods, arguing that interpreting and experiencing emotions in full complexity is needed to reach a useful level of understanding affect. A recent study proposes the Sensual Evaluation Toolkit (SEI), consisting of different shapes, meant to allow for nonverbal communi- cation of affect. This study aims to build upon that research, introducing vibration and shape forming to the toolkit calling it the Interactive Sensual Evaluation Toolkit (ISEI). This study shows that the added modalities expand the nonverbal expressiveness of the toolkit, and that the ISEI has the ability to transfer information about emotional states between users nonverbally.

NonverbalCommunication HCI emotions shapes vibration SensualEvaluationInstrument

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