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Actual status: Chrome Extension is being updated

Meet The World is a Chrome Extension that lets you pin locations of your loved Instagram posts and create a map visualization. The extension adds a ‘Pin’ icon to the posts on your feed if they have a location tagged. You can then in the Meet The World website view all your saved posts on the world map.

Inspired by the idea of traveling, Meet The World’s proposal is to use the application to plan your trips based on Instagram’s feed. By looking the pictures that people have shared you can plan what is worth to visit. Moreover, Instagram gives you the chance of discovering amazing places not popular for tourists. With Meet The World, you don’t have to try to remember anymore all the cool places you’ve seen.

You can only add locations on Instagram’s desktop version, but check the map wherever you are on your phone or tablet.


1. Go here and install the Chrome Extension

2. Log in to Instagram website

3. Start adding your pictures by clicking the add button. Remove that place from your collection by clicking the delete button. Only the posts with location will have the option to be saved

  • Add
  • Delete

4. Click on the Meet The World nav bar icon or go to its website by clicking here

5. If you haven’t logged in to Instagram, the website will ask you to log in. After that, your locations will be displayed. Meanwhile, add more places and your map will be updated in real-time.

6. Click on any of them for seeing the pictures



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