Scape is an interactive Kinect game. Kinect is a motion input device that through webcam processing allows the user to control and interact the game without the need for a game controller. In Scape the user takes the role of a thief and his goal is to escape from the police and cross the country board without being caught. The story is presented at the beginning of the game.

The game has three different levels and each one needs a different body interaction for pass it. Each level takes the user to a different way of running away from the police. If you are not able to overcome the level, the police catch the user and he has to start again.

The game uses Kinect API that gives access to the webcam and the required parameters for controlling and classifying the body postures and interactions from the user. The code is written Java language and being deployed on Processing IDE.

Kinect InteractiveGame Java Processing UserInteraction

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