The Number

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The Number is a game app for phones where the user can practice and improve his mathematical skills. This game offers an interactive, playful and funnier way of learning basics maths.

For each level, a score is presented to the user and he has to reach it within the number of movements given. The user has to combine different basic math operation such as addition, subtraction or multiplication. The operations are indicated by the color’s cell. The user unblocks new levels as he succeeded on the previous ones. At the beginning of the game, only the addition operation is available but as he increases the level, the other operations are available, aside from increasing the difficulty. The Number has different boosters that can be won or bought as the game goes on. Some of them help the user and other doesn’t.

The Number is a creation of the team Jaltech Co. and is now available on Google Play Store. The game has been created from scratch so we have worked in each stage taking care of all the details. The development was done in Unity. Graphics and arts were designed with Illustrator and Photoshop. Moreover, several studies with users have been run so we built the game perfect for the user.

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