Touching Cube


Touching Cube for user identification is the second experiment run in the Touching project. Touching cube is the result of a study where we get data and conclusions from touch input from the user at interacting with the cube. Seamless Interaction Group is who leads the study at La Salle Ramon Llull University in Barcelona.

The first experiment consists of endowing a physical cube with Artificial Intelligence for predicting and anticipating to user’s actions from their touch interactions.

My bachelor’s thesis is the second experiment applied to the cube where the proposal is to identify the user from their manipulation with the cube. The study is the demonstration of the hypothesis by applying the machine learning algorithm that fits best to the objective. The study is run offline with different data captured from the manipulation with the cube.
Besides, the study required a new design of the prototype to ensure the system was robust and save when the data collection.

The second prototype of Touching Cube

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