“Think positive and good things will happen”

Vibes is a web app where you can write and collect your favorite thoughts, moments and experiences. Besides, this app will remind you some of those vibes with the purpose of reliving the good feeling you had when you wrote it. If you are just starting, the app will tell you an interesting fact related to happiness.

Vibes aims to overcome a common cognitive bias, called negative bias, where people give more weight to negative emotions and memories than positive feelings and experiences. By allowing people to record and reflect on their positive memories, Vibes enables people to bring more positivity into their lives.

The app’s goal is to engage the user to train his brain to think positive more often. It has been demonstrated that with positive mind you spread happiness to your surrounds and will inspire you to achieve bigger challenges. Think positive changes the way you face problems.
For each vibe you write, you are exercising your mind to take a moment to think and appreciate what has made you happy. Not only you will improve how you face your every day, but you will start enjoying little things that you might not pay attention before.

This web is available on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Exercise your mind

1. Start by creating an account. If you have already one, just log in.

2. Start writing whatever you want to collect and press the jar to save it. You can change the user or log out by pressing on the top-right button.

3. Get your “Do you know fact” or one of your old vibes you wrote one day.

4. Collect more vibes by pressing to “Write more positive vibes“.  Access to old ones grouped by year, month or week by clicking on one of the top-left buttons.

5. Enjoy every moment life gives to you.


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