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Xperiences is a new way to explore the city that arises from the combination of mobility, connectivity, and content. The experiences take place in redesigned vehicles that allow users to interact with the outside. We propose a new vehicle which has interactive windows that present additional information to what the user would see from the inside of the vehicle.

Xperiences video presentation by Mediapro

Xperiences is the result of three weeks taking part in the Imagine program in Silicon Valley for the summer of 2018. Imagine Silicon Valley is a disruptive innovation program aimed to generate solutions to the challenges proposed by 4 external companies. Mediapro, a leading multinational company in the audiovisual field presented the challenge of design experiences and business models for the autonomous car. Xperiences is the solution to this challenge.

Xperiences went through all the design steps of the Lombard method. These are reframing the problem, idea generation, prototyping and communicating the solution.

The project was presented twice at Google HQ, California in July and La Antiga Fabrica Estrella Damm, Barcelona in October. The prototyped was presented in Barcelona as shown in the following video.

Presentation of Xperiences in Barcelona. October 2018.

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